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Dr. George Kuh on High Impact Learning and Teaching Practices - Shared screen with speaker view
Yvelyne Germain-McCarthy
High-Impact Activities require time to allow students to investigate and reflect. To make that happen, we must create course outlines that value this process rather than one focused on covering a disconnected list of topics.
Yvelyne Germain-McCarthy
Faculty working to
Yvelyne Germain-McCarthy
faculty working together to incorporate HIPS could be enhanced by observing the lesson to note its impact on the learner. We could observe each other and comment on the lesson and on how to improve the lesson.
Dr. Claire Jacobson
Thanks, Yvelyne. George says "A+" :)
Dr. Claire Jacobson
If you have any questions for Steven or George please put them in the Q&A feature or here in the chat
Ryan Bell (she/her)
Funding is available from Office of Experiential Learning and Community Engagement to support service learning projects and the faculty leading them. Reach out to me via email with questions! rabell@uno.edu
Dulce Menes
Thank you! I have a meeting @ 3.
Irene Ziegler
Don't forget about study abroad options for UNO students as a very effective HIP. Division of International Ed has lots of financial assistance available for UNO students to study abroad. We are happy to come to your class and briefly present about study abroad options or provide you with materials. www.uno.edu/studyabroad
Irene Ziegler
Also, we offer the online Global Competence Certificate, free of charge to UNO students thanks to SGA funding! www.uno.edu/gcc
Dr. Mahyar Amouzegar
Re-Energizing Teaching: From Content to Essential Skills is a five-part professional development series that will focus on how course-based experiential learning is a tool to better connect with students’ needs and to reignite the joy in your teaching.” www.uno.edu/elce
Ryan Bell (she/her)
Click on Resources and look under Faculty Trainings